World War One Chronology


June 28 Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated at Sarajevo
July 23 Austria-Hungary demands that Serbia arrest the leaders of the Black Hand
July 24 Serbia appeals to Russia for help
July 28 Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
August 1 Germany declares war on Russia
August 3 Germany declares war on France
August 4 German troops enter Belgium
August 4 Great Britain declares war on Germany
August 12 Austro-Hungarian troops invade Serbia
August 14 French troops attack Germany through Lorraine (Plan 17)
August 20 British Expeditionary Force (BEF) arrives in France
August 23 Battle of Mons
August 26 Battle of Tannenberg
August 28 Battle of Heligoland
Sept. 6 Battle of the Marne
Sept 13 French troops attack German Army at the River Aisne
Sept. 25 Battle of Albert
October 1 Battle of Arras
October 15 Battle of Ypres
October 29 Turkey joins Central Powers (Germany and Austria)
November 21 Britain invades Mesopotamia (Iraq) in the Middle East
December 25 Christmas Truce on the Western Front


January 24 Battle of Dogger Bank
March 10 BEF attacks at Neuve Chapelle
March 18 Allied naval attack on the Dardanelles
April 22 Germans use chlorine gas against the French at Ypres
April 25 Allied landings at Gallipoli
May 7 Sinking of the Lusitania
May 9 Artois Offensive begins
May 23 Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary
May 25 Germany abandons Ypres offensive
May 25 A coalition government is formed in Britain, led by Asquith
May 31 First Zeppelin raid on London
Sept. 25 Anglo-French Offensive at Artois-Loos
October 5 Allied troops land at Salonika
November 15 Churchill resigns after being blamed for the failure at Gallipoli
December 19 Sir Douglas Haig formally takes command of the BEF from Sir John French


February 21 German Verdun Offensive
March 2 Military Service Act (Conscription) comes into force in Britain
May 31 Battle of Jutland
June 5 Lord Kitchener drowns at sea
 July 1 Start of the Somme Offensive
August 29 Von Hindenburg is made German Chief of Staff
September 15 British tanks are used for the first time
November 18 Somme Offensive ends
November 29 Jellicoe is replaced by Beatty as C-in-C of Grand Fleet
December 6 Asquith is replaced by Lloyd George as British Prime Minister
December 12 Nivelle appointed French Commander-in-Chief  Western Front


January 19 Battle of Gaza begins in the Middle East
January 19 United States declares war on Germany
January 19 Start of Nivelle Offensive
January 19 Start of Arras offensive
April 12 Canadian Army captures Vimy Ridge
April 16 2nd Battle of the Aisne begins
April 16 Lenin arrives in Petrograd to support the Russian revolution
May 15 Petain appointed French C-in-C Western Front
June 7 British attack at Messines
June 25 US troops arrive in France commanded by General John Pershing
June 29 Greece declares war on the Central Powers
July 7 British Royal Family changes sur-name to Windsor
October 12 British Offensive at Passchendaele
October 24 Italian Caproretto Offensive


January 8 American President Wilson announces the 14 Points Peace Programme
March 21 Start of German Spring Offensive
March 29 French Field Marshal Foch becomes Allied coordinator in France
May 27 3rd Battle of the Aisne begins
July 15 2nd Battle of the Marne
July 20 German retreat at the Marne
August 8 Amiens Offensive
August 21 Allied breakthrough at Albert
September 12 US St Mihiel Offensive begins
September 26 Meuse-Argonne Offensive begins
September 27 Canal du Nord Offensive
October 3 Max von Baden appointed German Chancellor
October 5 Allied forces capture the Hindenburg Line
October 23 Italian Vittorio Veneto Offensive
November 9 German Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates
November 11 Armistice begins
December 14 Lloyd George wins British General Election


 January 12 Paris Peace Conference
 June 28 Treaty of Versailles signed