The War of the Roses, the Tudors and the Stuarts

The Wars of the Roses

The Period that followed on from the Normans included some big fights between the House (Family) of Lancaster and the House of York over who would be the King of England.

The House of Lancaster had a Red Rose as its emblem and the House of York had a White Rose. Big Surprise (Not) - this became known as the Wars of the Roses.

The Tudors

At the end of the wars the King, Henry VII, came from the House of Tudor, which was the result of a marriage between the houses of Lancaster and York.


Primary History Resources

Henry won the crown from Richard III in a battle near Market Bosworth - click here for more info and an interactive re-enactment of the battle.

Click to see an interactive re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth




The Tudor emblem combined both the Red and White roses.

Spin the Rose

Tudor Exploration

The Tudors lived during a time when there was a lot of exploration happening, especially towards America and the Far East.
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The Stuarts

A Half Timber House like the ones in Tudor times

Queen Elizabeth I did not have any children so when she died King James VI of Scotland was made King James I of England because he was Elizabeth's nearest relative.

Build a half-timber house







Tudor and Stuart Kings and Queens
Name Notes Reign Born Died
Richard II Son of the Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III 1377 1399 1366 1400
Henry IV Son of John of Gaunt, 4th son of Edward III 1399 1413 1367 1413
Henry V Eldest Son of Henry IV 1413 1422 1387 1422
Henry VI Only son of Henry V 1422 1461 1421 1471
  HOUSE OF YORK        
Edward IV His grandfather was Richard, son of Edmund, son of Edward III 1461 1483 1441 1483
Edward V Eldest son of Edward IV (imprisoned with his brother, Richard, by their Uncle, Richard (III) Duke of Gloucester) 1483 1483 1470 1483
Richard III Son of Richard, Duke of York, and Cecily Neville 1483 1485 1452 1485
  HOUSE OF TUDOR        
Henry VII Son of Edmund, eldest son of Owen Tudor, by Katharine, widow of Henry V. Mother was great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt 1485 1509 1457 1509
Henry VIII Only surviving son of Henry VII 1509 1547 1491 1547
Edward VI Son of Henry VIII by Jane Seymour 1547 1553 1537 1553
Mary I Daughter of Henry VIII by Katharine of Aragon 1553 1558 1516 1558
Elizabeth I Daughter of Henry VIII by Anne Boleyn 1558 1603 1533 1603
James I Son of Mary Queen of Scots, granddaughter of James IV and Margaret 1603 1625 1566 1625
Charles I Only surviving son of James I (executed) 1625 1649 1600 1649
Commonwealth Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector 1649 1658 1599 1658
& Protectorate Richard Cromwell, 3rd son of Oliver 1658 1659 1626 1712
Charles II Eldest son of Charles I 1660 1685 1630 1685
James II Second son of Charles I 1685 1689 1633 1701
William III Son of William, Prince of Orange, by Mary, daughter of Charles I 1689 1702 1650 1702
& Mary II Eldest daughter of James II 1689 1694 1662 1694
Anne Second daughter of James II 1702 1714 1665 1714