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The purpose of this 'Junior' extension to the Virneth 3dHistory site is to educate. The primary audience are expcolor="#FFFFFF" align="center" style="padding: 5; ">

Our main online content is obviously digital and allows the audience to explore history using  the pictures  and text as many other sites do.

In addition to the web site we also produce software and printed media that support and extend what you see on the Web. These products are ideal for displaying as wall decorations or for running locally to encourage an interest in the past. We believe that if you surround your children with quality then they will continue to do it themselves. -> See our Shop for more.


Kids love games so we try to use them  to best advantage. The Children are encouraged to place items in correct sequences to solve puzzles and to answer questions regarding what they are seeing.


We use high quality graphics to add interest to our site and to grab the attention of the audience. Animation and interaction is used whenever possible to demonstrate the subject. This is not always practical, due to bandwidth limitations on the Internet, but where we do, please allow time for the graphics to download.

The site is constantly under development. As Parents and Teachers you have a much better understanding of your children's specific needs and we welcome your criticism and comments. We also consider requests for articles. Please direct your correspondence to:

Although this is an educational site there is still a commercial element to it, we do need to fund the sites development and there is a lot of effort involved in creating the content and publishing it. We have a policy of not advertising on the Junior 3dHistory site - so no annoying pop-ups or banners etc.

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One way in which we earn our money is through selling our own products. These products can be viewed by following this or similar links on our web pages.

We aim to provide educational software and media to the highest possible standards. The individual items are described in more detail at the shop itself.

We use PayPal for payment of products. This service is provided by a well known global operator and is used daily by millions of people all over the world. At no time do we hold any financial details about you.


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