German First Army

(General von Kluck)

II Corps

(Genral von Lisengen)

30th Aviation Battalion
15th Foot Artillery Regiment (heavy)

3rd Infantry Division

3rd Artillery Brigade
3rd Horse Grenadiers
5th Infantry Brigade
2nd Grenadier Regiment
9th Grenadier Regiment
6th Infantry Brigade
34th Fusilier Regiment
42nd Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Division

4th Artillery Brigade
12th Dragoons
7th Infantry Brigade
14th Infantry Regiment
149th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Brigade
49th Infantry Regiment
140th Infantry Regiment

III Corps

(General von Lochow)

7th Aviation Battalion
2nd Guard Foot Artillery (heavy)
3rd Hussars

5th Infantry Division

5th Artillery Brigade
9th Infantry Brigade
8th Leib Grenadier Regiment
48th Infantry Regiment
10th Infantry Brigade
12th Grenadier Regiment
52nd Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Division

6th Artillery Brigade
11th Infantry Brigade
20th Infantry Regiment
35th Fusilier Regiment
12th Infantry Brigade
24th Infantry Regiment
64th Infantry Regiment
3rd Jaeger Battalion

IV Corps

(General von Arnim)

9th Aviation Battalion
4th Foot Artillery Regiment (heavy)
10th Hussars

7th Infantry Division

7th Artillery Brigade
13th Infantry Brigade
26th Infantry Regiment
66th Infantry Regiment
14th Infantry Brigade
27th Infantry Regiment
165th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Division

8th Artillery Brigade
15th Infantry Brigade
36th Fusilier Regiment
93rd Infantry Regiment
16th Infantry Brigade
72nd Infantry Regiment
153rd Infantry Regiment
4th Jaeger Battalion

IX Corps

General von Quast)

9th Aviation Battalion
20th Foot Artillery Regiment (heavy)
16th Dragoons

17th Infantry Division

17th Artillery Brigade
33rd Infantry Brigade
75th Infantry Regiment
76th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Brigade
89th Grenadier Regiment
90th Fusilier Regiment
9th Jaeger Battalion

18th Infantry Division

18th Artillery Brigade
35th Infantry Brigade
84th Infantry Regiment
86th Fusilier Regiment
36th Infantry Brigade
31st Infantry Regiment
85th Infantry Regiment

III Reserve Corps

(General von Beseler)

5th Reserve Division

2nd Reserve Dragoon Regiment (3 squadrons)
6th Reserve Field Artillery Regiment (6 batteries)
9th Reserve Infantry Brigade
8th Reserve Infantry Regiment
48th Reserve Infantry Regiment
10th Reserve Infantry Brigade
12th Reserve Infantry Regiment
52nd Reserve Infantry Regiment

6th Reserve Division

3rd Reserve Uhlan Regiment (3 squadrons)
6th Reserve Field Artillery Regiment (6 batteries)
11th Reserve Infantry Brigade
20th Reserve Infantry Regiment
24th Reserve Infantry Regiment
12the Reserve Infantry Brigade
26th Reserve Infantry Regiment
35th Reserve Infantry Regiment

IV Reserve Corps

(General von Boehn)

7th Reserve Division

1st Reserve Schwere Reiter Regiment (3 squadrons)
7th Field Artillery Regiment (6 batteries)
13th Reserve Brigade
27th Reserve Infantry Regiment
36th Reserve Infantry Regiment
14th Reserve Brigade
66th Reserve Infantry Regiment
72nd Reserve Infantry Regiment
4th Reserve Jaeger Battalion

22nd Reserve Division

1st Reserve J├Ąger zu Pferde Regiment (3 squadrons)
22nd Reserve Field Artillery Regiment (6 batteries)
43rd Reserve Infantry Brigade
71st Reserve Infantry Regiment
94th Reserve Infantry Regiment
11th Reserve Jaeger Battalion
44th Reserve Infantry Brigade
32nd Reserve Infantry Regiment
82nd Reserve Infantry Regiment

10th Mixed Landwehr Brigade

12th Landwehr Infantry Regiment
52nd Landwehr Infantry Regiment

11th Mixed Landwehr Brigade

20th Landwehr Infantry Regiment
35th Landwehr Infantry Regiment

27th Landwehr Brigade

53rd Landwehr Infantry Regiment
55th Landwehr Infantry Regiment

Landwehr Cavalry Unit (3 squadrons)

Lansturm Artillery Unit (2 batteries)

12th Aviation Battalion

British Expeditionary Force

(Field Marshal Sir John French)

The Cavalry Division

(Major-Genral E. Allenby)

1st Cavalry Brigade
2nd Dragoon Guards
5th Dragoon Guards
11th Hussars
2nd Cavalry Brigade
4th Dragoon Guards
9th Lancers
19th Hussars
3rd Cavalry Brigade
4th Hussars
5th Lancers
16th Lancers
4th Cavalry Brigade
6th Dragoon Guards
3rd Hussars
Household Cavalry Composite Regiment
5th Cavalry Brigade
2nd Dragoons
12th Lancers
20th Hussars
III Brigade Royal Horse Artillery
'D' Battery
'E' Battery
VIII Brigade Royal Horse Artillery
'I' Battery
'L' Battery

I Corps

(Lieutenant-General Sir Douglas Haig)

1st Division (Lomax)

1st Guards Brigade
1st Coldstream Guards
1st Scots Guards
1st Black Watch
2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers
2nd Infantry Brigade
2nd Royal Sussex
1st Loyal North Lancashire
1st Northamptonshire
2nd The Kings Royal Rifle Corps
3rd Infantry Brigade
1st Royal West Surrey
1st South Wales Borderers
1st Gloucestershire
2nd Welsh
XXV Brigade Royal Field Artillery
113th Battery
114th Battery
115th Battery
XXVI Brigade Royal Field Artillery
116th Battery
117th Battery
118th Battery
XXXIX Brigade Royal Field Artillery
46th Battery
51st Battery
54th Battery
XLIII (Howitzer) Royal Field Artillery
30th (howitzer) Battery
40th (howitzer) Battery
57th (howitzer) Battery
26th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
23rd, 26th Field Companies Royal Engineers

2nd Division

4th Guards Brigade
2nd Grenadier Guards
2nd Coldstream Guards
3rd Coldstream Guards
1st Irish Guards
5th Infantry Brigade
2nd Worcestershire
2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
2nd Highland Light Infantry
2nd Connaught Rangers
6th Infantry Brigade
1st Liverpool
2nd South Staffordshire
1st Royal Berkshire
1st Kings Royal Rifle Corps
XXXIV Brigade Royal Field Artillery
22nd Battery
50th Battery
70th Battery
XXXVI Brigade Royal Field Artillery
15th Battery
48th Battery
71st Battery
XLI Brigade Royal Field Artillery
9th Battery
16th Battery
17th Battery
XLIV (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery
47th (howitzer) Battery
56th (howitzer) Battery
60th (howitzer) Battery
35th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery

5th, 11th Field Companies Royal Engineers

II Corps

(Lieutenant-General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien)

3rd Division

7th Infantry Brigade
3rd Worcestershire
2nd South Lancashire
1st Duke of Edinburgh's
2nd Royal Irish Rifles
8th Infantry Brigade
2nd Royal Scots
2nd Royal Irish
4th Middlesex
1st Gordon Highlanders
9th Infantry Brigade
1st Northumberland Fusiliers
4th Royal Fusiliers
1st Lincolnshire
1st Royal Scots Fusiliers
XXIII Brigade Royal Field Artillery
107th Battery
108th Battery
109th Battery
XL Brigade Royal Field Artillery
6th Battery
23rd Battery
49th Battery
XLII Brigade Royal Field Artillery
29th Battery
41st Battery
75th Battery
XXX (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery
128th (howitzer) Battery
129th (howitzer) Battery
130th (howitzer) Battery
48th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery

58thd, 57th Field Companies Royal Engineers

5th Division

13th Infantry Brigade
2nd Kings Own Scottish Borderers
2nd Duke of Wellington's Own
1st Royal West Kent
2nd Yorkshire Light Infantry
14th Infantry Brigade
2nd Suffolk
1st East Surrey
1st Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
2nd Manchester
15th Infantry Brigade
1st Norfolk
1st Bedfordshire
1st Cheshire
1st Dorsetshire
XV Brigade Royal Field Artillery
11th Battery
52nd Battery
81st Battery
XXVII Brigade Royal Field Artillery
119th Battery
120th Battery
121st Battery
XXVII Brigade Royal Field Artillery
122nd Battery
123rd Battery
124th Battery
VIII (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery
37th (howitzer) Battery
61st (howitzer) Battery
65th (howitzer) Battery
108th Heavy Battery Royal Garrison Artillery

17th, 59th Field Companies Royal Engineers

19th Independent Infantry Brigade  (III Corps)

GOC Major-General LG Drummond CB, MVO
2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers
1st Scottish Rifles/Cameronians
1st Middlesex
2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Royal Flying Corps in the Field

(Brigadier-General Sir D. Henderson)

2nd Aeroplane Squadron (Burke)
3rd Aeroplane Squadron (Salmond)
4th Aeroplane Squadron (Raleigh)
5th Aeroplane Squadron (Higgins)
1st Aircraft Park

British Regular Army Wartime Establishment 1914

  Men Horses
Infantry Battalion 1000 55
Cavalry Regiment 543 608
Foot Artillery Battery 198 172
Horse Artillery Battery 205 228

British Infantry Division

German Infantry Division
Cavalry Regiment
Transport Company
2 Engineer Companies
2 Medical Companies
Infantry Brigade
Infantry Regiment
Infantry Regiment
Artillery Brigade
Artillery Regiment
Artillery Regiment