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Interactive Images from Virneth


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Below is a selection of interactive animations some of which can be found around this site.

This selection represents a small sample of what we can do. If you have any requirement for images of this sort then please contact us to discuss them. We can even package them as a presentation for display on an interactive whiteboard, PC, touch screen or Kiosk. Ideal for a web site or, as high resolution images, for use on local displays in a museum.

We add to this site regularly. Please add this page to your favourites and come back to see what else we are doing.

A neolithic flint dagger

A Stone Age flint arrow head - click to launch an interactive image

A late Bronze Age axe head - click to launch an interactive image

A Celtic iron mirror - click to launch an interactive image

A Neolithic Flint Dagger

A Stone Age flint arrow head

A late Bronze age axe head

A Celtic Iron Mirror

Inside a Roman granary A Roman Brooch from around the 1st century AD

A Warhammer - a weapon used during the Wars of the Roses

Inside a Roman Granary A Roman Brooch

A Medieval Warhammer

Medieval Salet and Bevor

Saxon Spangenhelm Helmet similar to the one found at Sutton Hoo

Medieval Salet and Bevor Re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth

Saxon Helm

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