Aircraft of World War One

Before World War One the development of aircraft was in its early stages and there had been limited use of aircraft in a military role. World War One changed all that and inspired an unprecedented leap of technology in the field of aircraft and engine design and manufacture that took warfare into a brand new arena.


Rhinoceros' are an endangered species due to the demand for its horms as a medicine in Asia.

The Rhinoceros, commonoly known as the Rhino, is a large mammal that lives in Africa and southern Asia. They can reach up to over three tonnes in weight and exist entirely on plants.

Messerschmitt bf109G-6

The Messerschmitt bf109G-6 was a mid war variant of the famous World War Two Messerschmitt fighter.

The Messerschmitt bf109G-6 was introduced in February 1943. The aircraft included two 13mm machine guns, which replaced the 7.92mm machine guns of earlier models. The heavier armament required blisters just in front of the cockpit to facilitate the larger guns, a distinctive feature of the G-6 variant.


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