Higgins Boats

"Navy doesn't know one damn thing about small boats." - Andrew Higgins

General Eisenhower once said of Andrew Higgins, "He is he man who won the war for us. If Higgins had not designed the LCVP's, we could never have landed on an open beach. The whole strategy of the war would have been different."

Before the war Andrew Higgins was building small boats out of wood for use by the oil industry to explore the Louisiana swamps. Certain of impending war, Higgins bought the entire 1939 crop of mahogany from the Philippines and stored for future use.

Build a Tudor House

Tudor houses were mainly made of wood and are sometimes called 'half timber' houses because they were timber frames filled in with wattle and daub (a mix of interwoven branches, the wattle, and mud, the daub), mortar, brick or some other fill. They would still be called half timbered even if the ground floor was made from stone or brick.

To extend a Tudor House you just added more frames to the front, back, sides or top as you needed.


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