Dinosaurs - Inroduction

So you want to know about dinosaurs?

Ok lets find out more but first …….

Q. Do you know where the word ‘dinosaur’ comes from?

A. The word ‘dinosaur’ is attributed to Sir Richard Owen a British anatomist who came up with the term while he was discovering fossils in the mid 19th century. The term means ‘terrible lizard’.

Q. What are fossils?

Jurassic Period 208 – 146 Million Years Ago

The Jurassic period was the middle period of the Mesozoic era. The name Jurassic comes from the Jura Mountains between France and Switzerland where the rocks formed during this period were first studied.

The world at this time showed that it was a more equable climate, forests of conifers and ferns began to develop, birds began to evolve from the dinosaurs and limestone and iron ore were deposited.


Diplodocus was a giant dinosaur from the Jurassic period over 100 million years ago.
Diplodocus was one of the giants of the Jurassic, being one of the biggest and longest animals ever known. It was a herbivore that moved around slowly on four large legs, using its long neck to browse vegetation inaccessible to other sauropods.
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