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JagdPanther SP anti-tank gun

The JagdPanther was probably one of the best anti-tank vehicles of World War 2
Crew: 5


Maybach HL230P30 V12 Petrol engine - 515Kw at 3,000rpm ( 690hp )


9.87m (500ft)

Width: 3.42m


45.5 tonnes

Max speed:


Range: 250Km


80mm (Front), 100mm (Mantlet)

Armament: 1 x Long 8.8cm Pak43 plus 1 x MG 34 in the front hull

In early August 1942 the German Armaments ministry instructed Krupp to design a tank destroyer (anti-tank) vehicle based on the Panther chassis that mounted an 8.8cm Pak43 gun as its main armament, the same calibre gun as mounted on the heavy Tiger tank. Krupp managed to produce a full scale model by mid-November 1942. In October development was handed over to Daimler Benz as they would be responsible for the production of the vehicle.

Due to problems that Daimler Benz were experiencing in producing the Panther tank it was decided during late may 1943 to switch production to Mulhenbau  Industrie AG, who also received the full scale model that Daimler Benz  had produced.

With a low silhouette and a powerful main armament the JagdPanther proved to be a very successful tank destroyer during World War 2

Changes to the specification followed, including a reduction of crew from six to five and the addition of a self defence machine gun in the hull to the right of the main armament. The first prototype was completed in October 1943, the second following in November. The first production vehicle was delivered in January 1944 with around 400 more being produced until the production plants were captured by the allies around April 1945. The vehicle was assigned the official designation of Panzerjäger V JagdPanther SdKfz173.

  Panther Tank Variants

Though the JagdPanther was well armed and had superb armour protection it came too late and too few in numbers. There were a few local victories such as the one against the British 6th Tank Brigade at Caumont in Normandy on 30th July 1944 when three JagdPanthers destroyed 14 British Churchill tanks in two minutes; two of the JagdPanthers subsequently had to be abandoned through track damage. But otherwise the JagdPanther had little impact on the outcome of World War 2.

JagdPanther - German Tank Destroyer of World War Two