3d History

The Golden Hind

The Golden Hind, commanded by Sir Francis Drake, circumnavigating the Globe in 1577.

The Golden Hind, or Golden Hinde as it is sometimes referred to, was an English Galleon that circumnavigated the globe between 1577 and 1580. It was originally called Pelican but in mid voyage it was renamed Golden Hind by it's captain, Sir Francis Drake, in honour of his main sponsor Sir Christopher Hatton, whose family coat of arms was a golden 'hind' (female deer). Francis Drake was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I on his return. The ship also took part in the battle against the Spanish Armada in 1588 and it was the Golden Hind, captained by Thomas Fleming, that carried the news of the arrival of the Armada to Drake and Howard at Plymouth.

Crew: Around 80 including about 20 officers


5 square sails and 1 lateen on 3 masts

Material: Mainly wooden construction


overall 36.5m (120 ft)     Hull 31m (102ft)


6m (20 ft)

Displacement: 305 tonnes (300 tons)


100 - 150 tonnes

Max speed:

14 km/h (8 knots) under sail


4 x light cannon (2 on the poop deck and 2 on the fore deck)


4 x long range cannon (2 in the forecastle and 2 in the stern)

  8 x 4lb main cannon (on the gun deck)