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Lipleurodon was a giant aquatic reptile from the Jurassicion years ago.
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Length:10 - 15 metres
Range:Fossils have been found in France, England, Germany and other parts of Europe
Weight:Over 5 tonnes
Feeding:fish and aquatic reptiles

Mesozoic Era
Triassic Period Jurassic Period Cretaceous Period
Early - Middle Late Early Middle Late Early Middle Late
248 227 206 180 154 144 127 89 65

Lipleurodon was not a dinosaur, it was a type of swimming reptile called a Pliosaur that lived during the late Jurassic period about 160 million years ago. Pliosaurs were short necked versions of Plesiosaurs. Lipleurodon was a carnivore that ate Ichthyosaurs, fish and other plesiosaurs. Lipleurodon is the largest carnivore to have ever existed on Earth.

Lipleurodon was an Aquatic reptile from the Jurassic period.
Large sharp teeth set in big stong jaws were a deadly combination.

Above - Showing off its streamlined body; Lipleurodon cruises effortlessly across the sea bed.

Left - The business end; rows of long conical teeth set in jaws that were big enough and strong enough to literally slice its prey in half with a single bite.

Pliosaurs like Lipleurodon were agile and fast.

Agile and fast; Pliosaurs like Lipleurodon were the top predators of their time.