The Blitz - Spanish Civil War

How did the Spanish Civil War influence the Blitz?

The Spanish Civil War, fought from July 17 1936 to April 1 1939, was used by Germany and Russia to test new concepts in warfare including the use of bombers against cities.
During November 1936 German and Nationalist Spanish bombers attacked Madrid, held by Spanish Republican forces. The Spanish town of Guernica was subject to severe bombing on April 26 1937.
The cities of Barcelona and Valencia were also later attacked. Barcelona received a particularly severe attack lasting three days beginning with March 16 1938, during which the famous Barcelona Cathedral was damaged and over a thousand civilians were killed or injured.
Guernica after the bombing in 1937 during the Spanish Civil war The town of Guernica after the bombing during the Spanish Civil War
The Spanish Civil War set the scene for terror bombing that was to be repeated over and over during the Second World War on a scale that was inconceivable during the 1930's.