The Blitz - Poland and France

Were any more countries bombed like the Blitz?

Germany bombed targets in other countries before Britain was attacked. The bombings were just as severe but only lasted a short time and the targets were few in number. When Britain resisted Germany the Germans could only attack with their air force so they used every aircraft they had to try and intimidate Britian.

Invasion of Poland

Germany invaded Poland on 1st September 1939. Poland’s Air Force was well trained but lacked the numbers and quality of the German Luftwaffe and by 14 September the Luftwaffe had established air superiority. This gave German bombers a relatively free hand to bomb Polish cities.
The Polish capital, Warsaw, was a primary target and was continuously bombed, receiving a very heavy raid by over 1,500 aircraft on 24 September. The Polish invasion was over relatively quickly but civilian casualties had been heavy, numbering over 150,000, a lot of them due to indiscriminate attack by the Luftwaffe.

The Battle of France

Rotterdam was subjected to aerial bombardment to make the Dutch give in Rotterdam was razed to the ground in places to encourage the Dutch to surrender
The Battle of France began on 10 May 1940 when German forces invaded France and the Low Countries.
Once again the Luftwaffe employed intimidation to help force the Allies to surrender. On 14 May the Dutch city of Rotterdam was attacked. Around 100 tons of explosive was dropped causing massive fires and leaving about 1,000 dead and tens of thousands homeless.
The attack virtually razed the centre of Rotterdam to the ground and when the Germans threatened to do the same to another city the Dutch government decided to submit. This encouraged the Germans to use force against civilian targets as a means to win a war.