Triceratops was a Ceratopsian dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period
Triceratops (three horned face)
8 - 9 metres
3 metres
10 to 12 tonnes
Fossils have been found throughout modern day North
Large amounts of high fibre plants such as ferns and cycads
Late Cretaceous (65 to 70 million years ago)
Mesozoic Era
Triassic Period Jurassic Period Cretaceous Period
Early - Middle Late Early Middle Late Early Middle Late
248 227 206 180 154 144 127 89 65
Triceratops was one of the last dinosaurs to have lived before the great extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period (K-T extinction). It moved slowly on four well built legs browsing amongst the fern covered plains of what was to become North America.
Fossils have been found of large numbers of animals that have all been killed at the same time, by floods or volcanic eruptions, supporting the idea that Triceratops lived together in herds.
Triceratops - A Ceratopsian from the Cretaceous Period Heads up, trouble's brewing; two Triceratops during rutting season.
A Triceratops tooth had a flat crown for chewing A Triceratops tooth had a flat crown for chewing.
The biggest horns or neck frill would have usually been enough to decide who's top 'tops; but sometimes it took a little more. It used to be thought that the neck frill was for defence but recently it has been determined that it was far too thin and is now thought to have been for show to attract a mate.
Triceratops was a herbivore and weighing around 11,000 kg it needed vast amounts of food each day to survive.
It had a strong beak to strip the coarse leaves off the plants and big flat teeth to grind them down.