Messerschmitt bf109G-6 World War Two Fighter

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The Messerschmitt bf109G-6 was a mid war variant of the famous World War Two Messerschmitt fighter.

The Messerschmitt bf109G-6 was introduced in February 1943. The aircraft included two 13mm machine guns, which replaced the 7.92mm machine guns of earlier models. The heavier armament required blisters just in front of the cockpit to facilitate the larger guns, a distinctive feature of the G-6 variant.

The G-6 was identical to the G-5 variant except that it did not include the pressurised cockpit necessary for service at high altitude. The G-6 could mount either 20 mm canon or rockets on the underside of the wing.

There were a number of roles the bf109G-6 could assume including: long range fighter, reconnaissance, high altitude fighter and night fighter. Over 12,000 aircraft were built between 1943 and 1944.