A Caiman is a type of Alligator
Caimans are a form of aligator that live in Central and South America. There are several species that grow to between 1m and 4m (3 to 12 ft) long, weighing from 6kg (13lb) to 400 kg (880 lbs). The Caiman is an apex predator the main food being fish, birds, reptiles and mammels. A female Caiman can lay up to 60 eggs or so, which she buries in a mound of sand and dirt, where they incubate for six weeks before hatching. After hatching the Caiman mother transports the young hatchlings in her mouth to a safe pool. Few young Caimans would be expected to survice to adulthood, the eggs being consumed by rodents, snakes, birds and the smaller youngsters being predated on by jaguars, anacondas and even other Crocodilians.